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Eyeglass repair

You wear your glasses every day, so it’s highly probable that they may get damaged. If your glasses are broken or starting to wear out, don't suffer from a blurred vision or an uncomfortable eyewear. Bring them to La Grange Vision Center and we'll fix them up for you in no time.

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  • FREE premium cleaning of existing lenses

  • FREE nose pads

  • FREE frame adjustments

FREE eyeglass services for you

If your glasses are broken beyond repair, or, if you want to replace them with a new and updated pair, we have the right look for you.

Time for a new frame

From general eyeglass repair to frame restringing and remounting, we can fix all kinds of issues with your glasses. Whether you have a cracked lens, or a loose frame, we can adjust and repair your spectacles immediately.

Complete Eyeglass Repairs

Have your glasses repaired and adjusted fast